Card Issuers

Rewards Platform for Issuers

Easy to Enroll

Open APIs that can be easily integrated in one day

Easy to Manage

Card issuer dashboard with customer insights

Peace of Mind

Secure, PCI compliant and tokenized customer information

Tomac Rewards Platform provides an easy rewards platforms for any card issuer that can be enabled in a matter of days with virtually no technology resource needs from the card issuer. We use card-linked api technology to connect credit and debit cards with a rewards platform to drive higher transaction volume and higher average spend and more satisfied customers.

Currently, multiple rewards credit card programs exist. However, the market is fragmented and its cumbersome and time-consuming for consumers to manage and maximize rewards. Using the latest technology, we have put together a low-touch platform to make rewards easy for card issuers, consumers and merchants.

No sign-up, customizable, smart recommendations based on data, spending patterns, and location that will maximize rewards and drive customer loyalty for businesses. We serve a 3-sided platform where issuers, merchants and consumers win.